Dr. Allama Shahbaz Ahmad Chishti

Dr. Allama Shahbaz Ahmad Chishti (Columnist, Author, Community Leader, and Islamic Scholar, USA) “Dr. Umair Mahmood Siddiqui’s name resonates within scholarly gatherings and intellectual circles. Personally, I had a strong desire to meet him, as his scholarly contributions are widely recognized and acknowledged wherever learned individuals gather. May Allah bless and elevate Dr. Umair Mahmood

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Dr. Raghib Naeemi

Dr. Raghib Naeemi Renowned Islamic Scholar and Nazim-e-Aala ‘Jamia Naeemia’ “I am honored to be with Dr. Umair Mahmood Siddiqui, who has played a pivotal role in the establishment of a modern Islamic institution. Alhamdulillah, this institution serves as an encyclopedic knowledge hub with the noble objective of nurturing and refining those who seek knowledge.

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Pro. Dr. Majeedullah Qadri

(Ex-Dean of Science, University of Karachi) “Dr. Umair Mahmood Siddiqui has been making significant contributions as an esteemed member of the Council of Islamic Ideology. Allah has bestowed upon him a remarkable position at a remarkably young age. I have high hopes for his ongoing progress. Furthermore, his authorship of numerous books adds to his

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